Achalamurti Seva

Offer Worship to The Archavatara

Offering Seva To The Archavatar

An Archavatara is a living embodiment of cosmic energy which remains in a temple to accept all our devotion and gratitude. 

Offer your gratitude to the deities at the Nithyanandeshwara Devasthanam, Bengaluru Adheenam, Bidadi and manifest your reality and those of your near and dear ones.

Experience the divine blessings on special days like birthday, wedding day, anniversaries etc. 

Offering regular ritual offerings to the deity brings auspicious blessings of fulfillment, prosperity, and abundance in life. 

Achalamurti Nithyotsava Seva


Abhishekam is a ritual bathing of the deity here we pour the essence of our lives on the Archavataras in the form of milk, ghee, and various sacred herbal powders. Every deity at Bengaluru Adheenam receives regular Abhishekam. Offer the Abhishekam Seva and pour your gratitude to your Ishta Devata.


Archana is the worship celebrating the Leelas of the Archavataras. The Archavataras have a unique name for each of their Leelas. These names are recited in the Ashtotharashatha Namavali, Trishati, Sahasra Namavali each Archavatara. Offer the Archana Seva and immerse yourself in the Leela Dhyana of your Ishta Devata.

Leela Alankar

Leela Alankara is the ritual offing of adorning the deity with the riches of clothing, jewellery, and flower garlands. The grace of the Archavatara is expressed in various magnificent Alankaras. Offer the Leela Alankara and receive powerful Darshan of your Ishta Devata.

Rudra Homa

Rudra Homa is the fire worship of Rudra, Sadashiva. Rudra is invoked in a sacred fire and all the energies of the cosmos manifest during the ritual. The powerful Sri Rudram and Chamakam from the Vedas is chanted as the oblations are offered to the Shivagni. Offer the Rudra Homa and cleanse your life of bad Karma and incompletions.

Deities at Bengaluru Adheenam

Swayambhu Nithyanandeshwara Linga

Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva

Nithyanandeshwari Adi Shaki 

Ananda Nandhi

Kalpavruksha: Banyan Tree 

Lord Dakishnamurti

Ananda Lingam 

Lord Kaala Bhairava  

Lord Ganesha

Lord Subramanya

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